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Success needs strong partners...

Success needs strong partners...

Häring Hällfritzsch Partners Auditors Tax Consultants is characterised by extensive experience and deeply-rooted involvement in the regional and national economy. We have very high standards regarding the quality of our services and work with diligence and dedication to satisfy our clients concerns. With the help of a continuous improvement process and the continual training of our employees, we always keep pace with the times. This places us in a position to perform the increasingly more complex consultancy tasks with the required competence and confidence.


Tax consultation

Tax consultation

Tax consultation includes the following activities:

  • creation of the audited accounts and tax balance sheets
  • drawing up of tax declarations
  • income tax/wage tax of private individuals and tax optimisation
  • consultation on inheritance tax
  • consultation with care cases
  • consultation with tax procedures and company audits, as well as the conducting of tax-related redress and legal complaints
  • tax planning and consultation on tax design
  • business start-up consultation
  • structuring and restructuring of business groups
  • tax optimisation of company acquisition or sale
  • tax-relevant design of testaments and donations
  • consultation with criminal tax proceedings
  • tax-oriented investment consultation

The objective of tax consultation is to attain the optimal pursuit and realisation of your interests on the foundation of tax law. What is more, we also maintain regular and good contact with the responsible tax authority administration, which benefits our clients.


We are happy to provide you with an individual offer in the tax consultation sector. To do so, please simply fill out the Contact form.




The auditing covers the following areas:

  • Audit of accounts
    Larger companies are statutorily obliged to have their annual and consolidated financial statements audited by an auditor. This audit is voluntary with smaller companies.
  • Audit review
    The audit review serves the purpose of increasing the reliability of the financial statements.
    Here, in particular, the interim financial statements are taken into account for improving the information provided in the course of the year.
  • Special audits
    Included among the special audits are credit worthiness ratings, securities law-related special audits as well as audits in accordance with real estate and builder regulations.
  • Expert opinions
    As publicly accredited and sworn experts, we are appointed as independent experts in court proceedings.

We are happy to provide you with an individual offer in the auditing sector. To do so, please simply fill out the Contact form.


Commercial consultancy

Commercial consultancy

Within the context of the legally-applicable professional possibilities, we can consult you via our partner Mr Dr. Hällfritzsch, legal counsel, also regarding legal questions with specific focal areas

  • company law
  • commercial law 
  • inheritance law 
  • insolvency law 

Beyond this, we perform the complementary processing of legal questions from a tax-related perspective in cooperation with lawyers and notaries.


Within this context, we have established long-standing and intensive contacts with well-known law firms and notaries, in particular in the areas of

  • transformation law 
  • company law 
  • law on stock companies 
  • insolvency law/corporate reconstruction 
  • family law 
  • environmental law 
  • administrative law 
  • inheritance law 

This allows us to provide well-founded answers to questions and problems in these fields in cooperation with these partners, both in civil law and with tax-related issues.


Taxes and Real Estate

Taxes and Real Estate

Questions regarding real estate are one of our areas of expertise,

In particular by Dr. Hällfritzsch:

  • buying - selling
  • costs of producing and the maintenance effort
  • donations - inheritance - foundations
  • succession in family-owned companies

Our added values for you: 

  • tax-optimised contractual design
  • purchase price allocation and depreciations
  • deductibility of interest from tax
  • tax concession of the sales profit

Corporate consulting

Corporate consulting

Corporate consulting refers to comprehensive consultation in the following business-related matters:

  • due diligence and company valuation on the basis of IDW S1
  • company acquisition
  • financial consultation and calculations comparing the benefits of different investment models
  • organisational consultation and cost accounting
  • personal consultation with professional vetting of applicants in the sectors of accounting and finances
  • risk management and establishment of early risk detection systems
  • restructuring of companies
  • company reorganisation consultation
  • executorship


We can act as a neutral party and mediate in the event of a conflict among members of a company or managers. In an initial step, we analyse the facts and elaborate the different vantage points. Subsequently, we develop a solution that is acceptable for both sides.


Setting up a business

Setting up a business

Well-advised - right from the start!

Experienced and competent support in the initial stage: Whether it is about the formation of a business or taking over an existing company – we support you in developing a successful concept. In dialogue with you, we cast your idea for your entrepreneurial activity in the tangible form of a professional business plan and help you with the required bank funding. A company that is to be acquired is professionally evaluated by us prior to this. Also after the initial stage support, we are naturally happy to support you with our competent commercial and tax consultation.


Our business establishment consultation has the purpose of rapidly and sustainably converting your idea into a healthy and successful company.


We offer the following services to founders of new businesses:

  • personal support with every part of the company founding
  • assessment of the business idea regarding its feasibility
  • mutual elaboration of a concept (business plan)
  • consultation regarding the selection of the legal form
  • financial consultation with regard to public sector loans
  • establishment of contacts to banks
  • consultation regarding start-up support
  • consultation with contract design and company acquisition
  • development of a suitable corporate structure



Preparation of annual financial statements

In the billing sector, we prepare the required annual financial statements for our clients in accordance with the commercial and tax-related regulations.


The order for creating the annual financial statement comprises the development of the balance sheet as well as the profit and loss account from bookkeeping and, when required, the preparation of the associated annex and other individual components of annual financial statements (e.g. cash flow statement, equity analysis).


Here, the creation of the annual financial statement ensues in accordance with your decision-making guidelines regarding the exercising of voter rights and significant discretionary powers.


In addition to this, a consultation with regard to balance sheet-political questions can be be agreed to.


The following kinds of orders are possible for you - depending on your requirements:

  • creation without assessment
  • creation with plausibility assessments
  • creation with comprehensive assessments

Included in the scope of service is a fixed annual financial statement, including explanations and a certificate. The creation of annual financial statements ensues in accordance with the general principles of the Institute of German Auditors IDW S 7.




Financial & payroll

The experienced employees of our bookkeeping department deploy the widely-used DATEV system to process all of your bookkeeping matters in a responsible, diligent and competent manner. Here, our portfolio includes the following services:

  • financial accounting
  • creation of turnover tax advance returns
  • personnel management and accounting
  • wage and salary bookkeeping
  • creation of wage tax and social security reports
  • support and processing of wage tax and social insurance audits

We are looking forward to providing you with competent support for your daily bookkeeping tasks! Arrange an appointment for a non-binding initial consultation today!


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