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Andreas Schlecker

Andreas Schlecker

Born in 1974, graduate economist

Auditor and tax consultant

(statutory professional titles conferred in Germany)

First Level Controller


After completing his business studies at the University of Hohenheim in 2000, Mr. Schlecker was an employee of PricewaterhouseCoopers AG in the auditing sector. Mr. Schlecker was appointed as a tax consultant in 2005 and has been employed in our partnership since then. Since October 2013, Mr. Schlecker has been the managing director of Beratung und Treuhand GmbH Auditing Firm Consultation Firm.


After his appointment as an auditor in January 2014, Mr. Schlecker became a partner in our firm.


Focal areas of his activity are the auditing of annual and group financial statements in accordance with German and international accounting principles (IFRS), the creation of corporate tax returns, company valuations and First Level Control. Apart from this, he is a contact person with regard to tax questions revolving around real estate.


Mr. Schlecker is registered as a statutory auditor of annual accounts at the Chamber of Public Accountants (WPK). The most recent quality control report is dated 05 August 2016.



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