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Dr. Jürgen Hällfritzsch

Dr. Jürgen Hällfritzsch

Born in 1948, Dr. rer. pol., degree in business administration.

Auditor, tax consultant, legal counsel

(statutory professional titles conferred in Germany)


Following his business studies at the University of Mannheim and his PhD as Dr. rer. pol. in 1976, Dr. Hällfritzsch was an auditing assistant at an auditing firm in Stuttgart. He joined the partnership in 1979, where he has been a partner since 1981.


His main areas of focus are on tax, business and legal consultation of companies, company acquisition and sale, business and restructuring, as well as consultation of companies in crisis situations and during legal form conversions, corporate succession and inheritance tax. Apart from this, he is a contact person for tax questions revolving around real estate.


Dr. Hällfritzsch is registered as an auditor for quality controls in accordance with § 57a Par. 3 WPO. 


Dr. Hällfritzsch is registered as a statutory auditor of annual accounts at the Chamber of Public Accountants (WPK). The most recent quality control report is dated 17 November 2017.



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