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The only way to ensure successful cooperation with and true added value for our clients that will also satisfy our high service aspiration, is when we have a strong team to make this possible in the first place. Thus, our integrated consultation approach is only provided by highly-qualified employees in all application areas. Thanks to continuous education and further education, our quality assurance system guarantees that all team members' knowledge is always up-to-date and in keeping with the current requirements. We are the first to know about changes or new developments in our consultancy areas, and we also proactively pass on our knowledge to our clients.

Stefan Hölzle

Stefan Hölzle

Graduate in economics
Auditor and tax consultant
Matthias Rannenberg

Matthias Rannenberg

Graduate in economics
Tax consultant
Monika Nedjed

Monika Nedjed

Bookkeeping and administrative office


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